Fitness Program in Lithonia, Georgia

Microphone, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA

Check out Carla's radio show on Atlanta's WAOK 1380 AM, every morning from 8-9 with Jamie Dukes (former Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman)! Tune in to hear Carla, the fitness expert, discuss health and fitness with the likes of Bill Cosby's nephew, Dr. Braxton Cosby. Hosted by Tee Fox. 


Come train with Lavell Shipman!
First Team All Conference and All American; former NCAA college athlete

For athletes who are seeking improvement in agility, speed, vertical jumping skills, strength, and overall athleticism. He ensures that the athlete will reach his or her highest potential (more info).

Starting Wednesday January 6, 2014 through June 25, 2014 is our new fitness class.  It's free to Kaiser members.  Location is at  Stonecrest Mall Lithonia.  Time is 6:00 - 6:45pm.  Address is 8011 Mall Parkway, Lithonia, ga 30038.  Take advantage of this wonderful service to start getting fit for 2014!


Chachersize, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA



V103, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA
Get certified and we’ll pay you to teach Chachersize Classes!  More info... Take advantage of this wonderful service. It's free to Kaiser members. Inquire at or call 678-283-9978 for times and locations. It's a stress relieving combo that will get things flowing and then calm you down to total relaxation.  Come get your Zumba (more info) on and then chill out the Yoga (more info) way.
Posing with Weights, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA
Models, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA
Client Before and After, Fitness Program in Lithonia, GA

Personal Training

At Carla Fields Fitness, Inc., we work with you to create a personal training program that's right for you. All of our programs are customized to meet your individual needs and goals.

Vitamins & Supplements

We carry thousands of vitamins and supplements designed to enhance your fitness program. These products can help with everything from muscle gain to weight loss.

An Experienced Personal Trainer

Backed by years of experience, Carla Fields knows how to get results. She has helped countless individuals reach their health goals, including everyone from everyday people to celebrities.

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We are now offering healthy and delicious meals from Good Measure Meals. 
You can visit their website at

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Zumba and Yoga Classes Now Available!

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Lead a happier, healthier life with help from Carla Fields Fitness, Inc., of Lithonia, Georgia. We provide you with a fitness program specifically designed to meet your health goals.